Friday, January 9, 2015

The Nutcraker - A date with my boys

Just before Christmas I brought Alex and Isaac to see the beloved The Nutcracker the Ballet. There is a theatre in town that has amazing shows, I always heard such great things about it but hadn't been to the Harris Theater. An opportunity to go on a field trip to this theatre to see The Nutcracker seemed like a great time to check it out!

The boys were so excited! Alex just loves concerts, plays and just about any opportunity to get out and experience something together. Isaac is just starting to break out of his shell and enjoys getting out more, he used to be such a homebody! But, I really didn't know how they would respond to a 2 hour ballet that has music and dance to tell a whole story.

The day before we went to see The Nutcracker I did a little prepping and read them the book so they would know about the whole story beforehand. This helped tremendously! I was beyond impressed with their reactions during and after. They both were glued to the stage the entire show! They didn't ask any questions as to what was happening and their eyes sparkled as the story unfolded! I thoroughly enjoyed our special time together with my handsome little men!

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