Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ice Skating in Summer with my boys

My mother in law loves to ice skate. She’s been skating since she was little and is really good! She’s been begging us to get our boys out there on the ice with her. So, we finally got the family laced up! We planned to go on the perfect day. If you’re looking for ways to stay cooled off in the summer heat – go ice skating!! It was 101 degrees outside and we walked in to pure awesomeness, it was so cold inside. We walked in with shorts and t-shirts but we were prepared and quickly bundled up. I loved forgetting about the scorching heat all cozied up in my jeans and hoodie for the afternoon! Skate Town in Roseville is the perfect family friendly ice rink around! From the moment we walked in we were impressed with the staff. They helped us lace up the boys and made sure we were all wearing the proper size skates. There are buckets (bright colored five gallon plastic buckets turned upside down) to help keep balance on the ice, thank goodness for these! Jesse loved running around on the ice with his bucket. J

All three of the boys did great! Of course Alex and Isaac lasted much longer than Jesse; at 2 years old he still did great, he was absolutely adorable in his little skates! 
We started of a little rocky...
 ...but soon the boys got it! I think it helped a ton that Alex and Isaac have been riding rollerblades for the last few months, in my opinion ice skating is very similar to rollerblading.

I enjoyed every moment watching my boy’s ice skate for the first time with Grandma. The memories we created on the ice will forever be etched in my heart!

Alex and Isaac had the time of their lives! They played all the games, even skated in the middle where everyone does “tricks” and smiled ear to ear watching Grandma do her spins, and kept asking her to go fast with them. It’s been a few days since we went ice skating and they have asked every day when we’re going again!

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