Monday, August 11, 2014

20% off coupon code when you shop @Schoola for back to school clothes! #clothes4schools

Shopping for back to school can be expensive, especially when you have multiple children. There are all the clothes, shoes, and supplies.

Shop Schoola and save money on clothes! Who doesn’t like to save money, right?  I know I love a good discount! Schoola is offering my friends (that's you20% off already very low discounted prices now thru August 20th.  At checkout use coupon code BacktoSchoola20 (there is a limit of one use per customer).
You can:
1. Shop Schoola today and save 20%! Click Here to use code Backtoschoola20 at checkout. Expires 8/20/14 Limit one per customer.
Here are just a few of the styles Schoola has right now, look at those prices!

 2. Request a donation bag and donate to Schoola today click here! Fill it up with your gently used clothes. Ship the filled bag back to Schoola (they pay postage). By doing this you've just helped Schoola send $1.00 to Yick Wo Elementary and some of the proceeds also go to YOUR SCHOOL!
 Photo credit : Schoola
So, you’re asking what is "Schoola" and what is a "Donation Bag"? Schoola is an online shop where people donate and shop. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
What's the difference shopping Schoola? Here's Schoola's answer:
"When you purchase clothing from Schoola, you are directly supporting our schools. Parents, friends, teachers, and staff from schools all around the country signed up {to request a Donation Bag} to send us their no longer needed children’s clothing so we can sell it on their school’s behalf. A percentage of the proceeds from every item that you purchase will go back to the designated school." So, donate and your school gets some of the proceeds, shop and your school gets some of the proceeds!

Right now I am helping Schoola to raise money for a school in San Francisco, Yick Wo Elementary. Schoola is helping Yick Wo to keep art in their school. Watch this video and see what the kids have to say! Hearing this from them tells me how important it is (straight from their mouth) to have art in learning! Even watching the video you are helping!

 What are you waiting for? Save money, shop Schoola today and help Yick Wo and your school get funding for programs to help further educate our children!!
I am being compensated to facilitate this post but that does not change my point of view. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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