Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jumping High!

One of our favorite place to get away to is Lake Tahoe. It's a very short 90 minute drive to South Lake Tahoe and the drive is worth every mile! We love to go just for the day or, without having to convince anyone, we'll stay a few days! Tahoe is absolutely a gorgous year round.

Resently we spontaniously decited to take a few days to get away and within two hours of our decision to go we were in the car and headed to Tahoe, our favorite lake!

Alex decided he was up for the adventure of bungie jumping! He started out super excited then as he was getting all set up with the ropes he started to get a little nervous...
...as soon as he started jumping all of his inhibitions disappeared and he had a blast jumping and trying all kinds of tricks!

As soon as he was done he wanted to do it again!

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