Monday, August 6, 2012

Summertime Fun!

We are so very blessed to have a pool here at our condo. All the boys love to be in the water but Isaac especially, he wakes up every morning with swimming first on his mind. 
Most days Isaac just skips getting dressed and goes straight for his swim trunks and water wings! Fortunately for him the weather has been so hot these past few weeks we have spent a ton of time in the pool just to stay cool. Plus, I can't pass up a single moment watching my boys enjoying some summertime fun!!
Alex has been swimming great! He decided a few weeks ago to ditch his "floaties" and swims really good. He has a new game with his friend Riley where she is his swim teacher, they both love it! Here's Riley teaching him to swim down and touch the bottom of the pool...
Even Jesse loves to be in the water. Just being near the water makes him one happy boy!

Lovin' on my boy!
God is good!

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