Monday, August 13, 2012

Breast feeding is best but sometimes the unexpected happens...

The day after Jesse was born, before the hospital would release me, I unexpectedly had to have some tests run because of some scary symptoms I had before I delivered him. I wasn’t able to nurse him for 24 hours due to these tests and the iodine that would be in my system. So, because nursing him was my number one priority they allowed me to do so for his first few feedings. Then I had to begin to pump and dump (pump so that I would continue to produce breast milk but that have to just toss the milk). During this 24 hour period he was forced to be fed by bottle with formula. My plan all along was to get Jesse to take a bottle at some point, but I wasn’t anticipating it beginning at birth! I wish I was prepared and brought my own bottles with me to the hospital but I never would have thought I would be forced to bottle feed him. I had to use the bottles that the hospital provided me with and he hated them. Fortunately 24 hours went by fast and he got hungry enough to use them getting the nourishment he needed. Then it was back to breastfeeding!

When any new mommy chooses to bottle feed it’s so hard to decide on which brand to choose among the hundreds of options out there! One I’ve found that comes so close to breastfeeding are the Comotomo baby bottles. Their bottles are naturally shaped and the silicone teat closely mimics breastfeeding helping to prevents nipple confusion. The soft, skin-like, squeezable body gives baby the feelings of natural breastfeeding. It’s comforting to know that the Comotomo bottle has anti-colic vents allowing baby to get more milk, less air and slow milk-flow to reduce vacuum that can lead to ear pain and bubbles. It’s 100% free of toxic chemicals and its silicon structure is unbreakable and really comfortable to hold! Comotomo (find them on Facebook here) sent me a couple of the awesome bottles to try and I so wish I had one with me at the hospital on that first day for Jesse!

I think every mom has a point in their babies nursing time that they have to leave their baby for a short time and bottle feeding may become necessary. Maybe you’re like me and just like the convenience of handing baby to dad with a bottle so we can have a break. Or maybe your baby is like mine and every time we pick up our fork to eat baby loudly proclaims he’s hungry too (I swear they can smell our food triggering that squeal that says "feed me!"), on such occasions as this it’s super convenient to put them in the swing with a bottle so we can enjoy our dinner bringing happiness to us all!

What about you? Are you a breastfeeding mommy who also uses bottles with breast milk? It’s totally worth occasionally pumping and having a nice supply of breast milk stocked up in the freezer!

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