Saturday, July 7, 2012

My baby's 4 months!

Here we are already in July! I'm a few days late in posting pictures of Jesse reaching 4 months but I figured late was better than never, right?!

At four months he's still not sleeping through the night but he makes up for it with his adorable-ness! Jesse's constantly aware of all activity around him and thrives on the attention of his big brothers. Alex and Isaac are the best at keeping their "boo boos" happy, so much so that Jesse gets lonely when they aren't around. Seriously! He loves the noise, I have to put music or turn the TV on when it gets too quiet for my little guy. Not something I ever had to do with the other boys.

We just recently tried giving Jesse some rice cereal but he didn't like it too much so we'll have to re-introduce it to him in a few weeks when he may be more ready for it. Not to worry though the bowl that I mixed up didn't go to waste... Alex loved it! Yes, Alex, our 5 and 1/2 year old, gobbled up the infant rice cereal, he even asked for more! Not just then but he's asked for it a few times since! I only allowed him the pleasure that once and one other time (I thought maybe he would be grossed out the second time making it easier to say no from then on, but NO he would eat that stuff every day if I let him). Maybe it taste too similar to the Cream of Wheat that he loves so much. But come now, we're saving the rice cereal for baby. :)

I'm pretty sure Jesse's teething, he constantly wants to chew on his fists and anything else he can find to gnaw on. Poor guy has a long road ahead of him.

I can't get over his chubby little cheeks! And legs. And arms. And that double chin! I'm in love with all 13 pounds of him, every ounce! I thank Jesus for my blessings every day! God is Good!

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