Tuesday, January 17, 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant and not far to go!

We're so excited about the fast approaching due date for baby Rose. Just today we were in the car together and daddy was talking about how soon it will actually be that baby will be here with us. Dustin says "maybe the baby will be 2 weeks early and be here on February 15th." Whoa! That means that he could be here in my arms in like 26 days! That's pretty exciting! I can't wait to welcome this baby into our family and smother him with hugs and kisses!

Alex and Isaac both constantly want to talk to my belly, they both think it's awesome that their brother can actually hear their voices. They constantly ask to sing songs to him, and several times a day they will come up and just rub my belly and simply say "hi baby!"

Alex: "Mommy, when the baby is born can I take him with me to church basketball?"
Me: "Well that would be fun! You might need to wait till he's a few years old though."
Alex: "All the girls there want me to bring him so they can watch him right after he comes out."
I think what really is going on is that he wants to show his brother off to all the girls!

I was snuggling with Isaac holding him real close to me, he looks at me and says, "the baby is really hot and is moving!"

Isaac often says "mommy can I kiss the baby (as he lifts my shirt to expose my baby bump)?" Alex doesn't even ask, he just does it. :)

I love the affection they are already showing. Both of them are going to be amazing big brothers! They already love this baby so much!

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  1. So Sweet! I just love reading about your family! Maybe I will actually be able to leave this post, but it doesn't give my name!
    Love you, Love, me.


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