Friday, October 14, 2011

The prayer of my heart

Ever since I was little it has been my desire to have children. Since a very early age I loved babysitting and being around kids. I remember praying for my future husband and kids. I would dream of the day I would be married and have little ones running around and hearing them call me mommy. 

For some reason I always envisioned my children being sons and daughters. Maybe it was because my best friend is my sister, maybe because I know how much daughters help out and have a natural desire to keep house, maybe because of the adorable lady bug outfits and beautiful hair ribbons, or maybe because I know what an amazing relationship a daughter has with her mother since my own mom is also my best friend.

When I found out that I was pregnant again I started praying it would be a girl. We have sooooo many young boys in our family right now. I have two sons, 10 nephews, and only one niece. Naturally my whole family was rooting for this to be a girl (this was sort of an unspoken given).

During the part in the ultrasound when it came time to find out the gender my palms began to sweat and shake with anticipation! I was thinking "God  knows the desires of my heart and I'm faithful to know that He answers my prayers." When I saw without a doubt that he was a boy I had this overwhelming sense of peace, joy and happiness! I instantly realized that God answers my prayers always! Yes, I was praying for a girl but you have to know that I fully believe that God still answered my prayer. My prayer has been to have children, it always has been. He is answering that prayer by blessing me with another beautiful baby! I was looking on the screen at a baby, my baby! Soon this little boy will be playing with his brothers, laughing, and calling me mommy!

Oh God you are so GOOD! Thank you for answering my prayers and giving me the desires of my heart!


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