Friday, September 9, 2011

My little Isaac is 3!

Happy 3rd birthday little monkey!

Isaac, you are the laughter, joy and happiness that fills our home! We are blessed, I praise God for you!

You love to hang out with your brother Alex. You love to put together puzzles, climb trees, play in the dirt, go exploring and collect bugs, spiders and anything that makes me squirm! You're eager to learn, you can recognize your ABC's and 123's, shapes, colors. You can write your name, your brothers name and most of your letters. You love the Lord and are proud to say that He's in your heart, you ask to pray and read the Bible, I pray you continue to grow in HIM! Oh, and I think your favorite word is underwear, you crack up whenever we say it, it's in your deep belly laugh that I love soooo much!

I love you so very much! Happy Birthday!

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