Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An exciting announcement for the Rose family!

I'm 15 weeks pregnant, we're gonna' have a baby!!

(Picture downloaded from Similac.com)

Over the last several weeks my body has gone through so many changes.

I've been tired. Fatigued. Hungry (All. The. Time.). 8 pounds of rapid weight gain. Headaches. I've had a few days of morning sickness. But you know what? These are all symptoms that are totally worth going through in order to have a new bundle of joy in 9 months!

We're all so excited with the new addition to our family! Alex and Isaac were able to see a picture of the baby after my first ultrasound, which made it real to them both that there is actually a baby inside mommy's belly. Isaac is so cute and asks to see the baby, lifts up my shirt enough to see my belly and then asks to sing to the baby! I love that kid! He fully understands that there's a life growing in there and knows the baby can hear us singing!  

I am blessed!


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