Monday, August 29, 2011

Little extras that make this mamas heart proud

I couldn't help being super proud of Alex the other day.

I was in the kitchen and my eyes instantly glued to him as he spilled his bowl full of nuts all over the carpet in the family room as he was walking to the couch.

He was completely unaware that I was watching him.

After seeing them piled on the floor he bent down to pick up what he could. He then went to the closet and pulled out the vacuum to clean up what he couldn't pick up with his hands. He plugged it in, vacuumed all traces of the nuts, he even moved their school table and stacked the chairs on the top (exactly the way he's seen mommy doing it) so that he could get everything from under it. After looking around he noticed all the nuts were cleaned up. He put the vacuum back in the closet and then began to struggle to get the table back to where it belongs.

He began to search me out in hopes that I would lend him a helping hand. As soon as he saw that I had been watching him I could tell he began to get a little nervous so I just continued to stare at him. He said "I'm sorry mom, I forgot I was supposed to eat those in the kitchen".

He was right, he was not obeying our house rule (to eat in the kitchen only) and thought he was in trouble, but all I could say was "That's okay! Do you need some help moving the table back?" He says "sure" as I praised him on a job well done!!

How in the world could I even begin to think about reprimanding him for eating in the living room? He very efficiently cleaned up his mess, realized he'd done wrong by eating in the living room, but after hearing my praises he held his head high knowing how proud his mama was in him! He's such an amazing 4 year old!

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  1. Great post Sara! Thanks for sharing about your precious boy. :)


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