Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini vacation to Tahoe!

Alex and I went away on our first little getaway together. He was so excited to be going away with just mommy! We were both stoked as we headed up to South Lake Tahoe to spend some time in the snow with family. We met up with Mimi, Poppy, Great Grandma Gerrie, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jake, Aunt Annie, and cousins Adin, Gabe and Julia!

We all stayed at my grandmas timeshare at the beautiful Tahoe Seasons Resort nestled in the pine trees just yards from Heavenly Ski Resort and less than a mile from Lake Tahoe. It brought back so many fond memories of when I was little. Every year my family and I would stay there a few days with my grandparents. In each of the spacious suites there's a giant jacuzzi, there was no time wasted before it was filled with warm water and tons of bubbles! Alex was digging the bubble bath with his cousins ~ Mimi even joined in on the fun!

Here's my grandma and I, she just turned 81! Isn't she beautiful?!
Alex, Julia and GG Gerrie

We all slept in (gotta' love those heavy curtains keeping out the morning sun), and after a unanimous vote, went to our favorite place for breakfast, Red Hut Cafe, also known as Red Hut Waffle Shop. They serve breakfast and lunch and their beautiful cafe is near Stateline. When they opened in 1959 the owners first priority was giving the customers the best service possible. As a customer I can say this is so true, the service, as well as the food, is amazing! In my humble opinion a trip to Tahoe wouldn't be complete without stopping in for some of Red Huts famous waffles, a stack of hot cakes or omelette's, or if you're in the mood for lunch they have some killer burgers as well! After being home a few days Alex asked me if we could go back to the "waffle shop", he loved it!

Alex and my mom, aka Mimi

Alex and I couldn't wait to build a snowman! The snow was melting away in the gorgeous sunshine. But not to worry, there were just enough snowflakes to build ourselves a fine snowman!

I think our little snowman turned out perfect! A perfect end to a perfect weekend with my young man Alex!


  1. Cute Pics and the beautiful place sounds like fun , Your Grandma is awesome!,stopping by from MBC.
    Angela & Angelica

  2. Awesome Pics i love the snowman and yes GG Gerrie is beautiful :)


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