Monday, February 21, 2011

Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal ~ Free download iPhone App

Before I had my first baby over four years ago I could remember anything and everything! I had no need for a planner, phone book or Post-It notes because of the wonderful memory I had. When my friends where all talking about journals available for moms to help keep track of their baby's needs I inwardly laughed at them thinking to myself "come on, how crazy can you be to need a journal to keep track of when the last time was that you fed your own baby?" Well, when I had Alex I think I traded him for my memory, I am confessing that I'm now one of those "crazy" moms who can't even remember to feed myself!

When I was asked to review the Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal App I was rather excited! I am now a mommy of two with such an overwhelming amount of activity in our daily routine that when baby number three is added to the family I know how much I will benefit having the Baby Journal to help me keep track of all the important things in caring for a newborn.

After downloading the free interactive baby journal app I realize how simple and convenient it will be to keep track of all baby's feedings. With a simple touch I can log which side I nurse on and how long. No more trying to remember which side to feed him (or maybe, just maybe, which side to feed HER!) on!

The app will do so much more than keep track of feedings, you can instantly connect with a live feeding expert and get helpful tips! With some of the other features I can record the length of each nap and record the details of what comes out during a diaper change. If there is anything I'm concerned about, with just a tap of the finger, I can email the details to daddy or my pediatrician.

One of my favorite features is that I can keep a growth chart, with a sliding chart to measure weight, height and head circumference. Like so many other mommies I love to keep track of all the important tid bits during the early years of my baby's life, this really makes it fun and easy with the simplicity of a quick journal entry to keep track of it all!

You too can download Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To download the free app click here and begin tracking your baby's eating, sleeping and diaper changes and so much more!

Disclosure: I was compensated by Collective Bias for my time in writing this review. I was not required to write a positive review, all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by the sponsor.

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