Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The "perfect" gingerbread house

One of my many favorite Christmas traditions is making gingerbread houses. The boys and I made one of our very own :) I really had to give up the idea of having it perfectly decorated. I'm not a very creative person but I do take time with the details on crafts and I like to have the clean and concise look of a project. Well, not with this one, we had globs of icing and candy all over our gingerbread house! The important thing I had to remind myself in the first minute of our project was that this was all about the boys having fun. Well they did, and I found myself having a blast as well. The results of letting them take over...

...the perfect gingerbread house!

I think more candy went into their little mouths than what was put on the house. It was barley finished and they begged me to eat it.

I was able to convince them the icing had to fully dry so we couldn't eat it right away. The very next day the boys inspected the icing and after discovering it was hard as a rock said "the icing's dry so can we eat it now?" Are we the only family who ate their Gingerbread House? Growing up we always made them but they were for decorative purposes only. We snacked on our house for days!
Boy, was it yummy!

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