Sunday, August 1, 2010

What is Good

  • I can't believe how fast Isaac's growing up! He's not quite two and he already knows his colors, he can count to three, sings (along with me) his ABC's, and he's even telling me when he needs to go potty, he's such a smart kiddo!

  • After being married seven years we finally had family pictures taken by a professional. My extremely talented friend Sarah with Sarah Dawson Photography and her husband spent a few hours snapping away, they were both awesome! I have to wait for them to edit the photos before we can see them and the suspense is driving me crazy, but I know the wait will be totally worth it! Thanks so much, Sarah and Rob, you guys rock!

  • Two more days and I will be headed to New York City for BlogHer '10, a women's conference for bloggers. I know I'll miss my babies and Dustin, five days is a long time to be away from them, but I'm oh so excited for the adventure!

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