Monday, August 9, 2010

Isaac can sleep anywhere!

I know most children can sleep just about anywhere, but Alex always needed his bed in order to fall asleep. He's been a very light sleeper since birth, I remember during nap time we would have to whisper and wait 'till he got up to do any kind of housework - even in a two story house! Isaac on the other hand is a whole different story! He can sleep anywhere! He doesn't care if there's a party going on, he can sleep through anything.

Here's just a few of the random places he's fallen asleep. I grabbed my camera and began shooting just as we found him. He's actually asleep in every shot, I didn't touch him 'till after I got some great footage, then I carried him to his crib where I thought he might be more comfortable!


  1. That is SO precious! I can't believe he can fall asleep so easily in such uncomfortable spots! That's so cute.

  2. Sara,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with Issac. Ilaughed, smiled and my heart sang.

    Love, Aunt Lisa


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