Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lightning in Castle Rock, CO

We celebrated the 4th of July in Castle Rock, Co with family. Sunday afternoon the guys (Dustin and Jeremy) took Alex and Isaac to pick up some fireworks. They all came back, and let me just say that the sun couldn't go down fast enough! They could hardly wait to set off the explosions of lights!

Once the sun went down and it was dark enough for some fireworks it was pouring down rain! In July. In Colorado. The boys didn't let the weather rain on their parade! We were able to set off only a few though, the wind and rain was so bad that we really couldn't do much. Well, the entertainment didn't stop there. Once the distraction of fireworks was over we noticed the lightning, it was gorgeous (yet, a little frightening)! We all headed to the backyard and bundled up and sat on the porch and watched!

This is just a taste of what we saw! God is so powerful!

Photo by LayoutSparks.com

I didn't want to go inside to get my camera because I was afraid I would miss some of the amazing lightning bolts, but I found this one online and this is what we witnessed for half hour at least! Can you picture me cuddled up on the patio with Alex and Isaac both clinging to me witnessing this? Alex was thrilled but Isaac was a little apprehensive and even hid under the covers at times. What a show! It was amazing! God, your lightning show was much better than our unsuccessful fireworks!

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  1. Everything God does is absolutely spectacular!! What Power and Majesty! What an Awesome God we serve and He Loves us, incredible!!


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