Friday, July 30, 2010

Hike up to "Castle Rock"

While in Colorado we took the boys exploring and found ourselves hiking a historic landmark.

"Castle Rock" was named because of a volcanic eruption that took place covering the area around Castle Rock leaving a gigantic rock. Mass flooding and erosion of the volcanic rock gave way to the "castle"-shaped butte that is now the town's namesake. We covered the 1.4 miles of trail and the boys loved every minute of our little excursion. With the exception of Isaac, we wore our flip flops (this was a spur of the moment activity, mind you, that's how we like to roll), so thankfully the trail was super easy to climb!

My little mountain climber wanted to do it all by himself!

We found a friend along the way, please meet "alligator lizard", the boys named him...

Alligator lizard even made it into our family picture!

Once we reached the top, the panoramic view was spectacular!

The erosion in the rock was amazing, even Isaac knew it was something to be admired!

1 comment:

  1. The pictures of your hike are amazing!! Isaac, the little "me do it boy!" I know the type!
    Oh, the wonders of God's creation...
    Love you. Love, me.


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