Saturday, December 5, 2009

What is Good

  • Helping Grandma Gerrie decorate her apartment for Christmas and getting inspired to pull out our decorations
  • A good laugh... We were decorating our house and Alex kept asking what things were as we were unpacking the Christmas decorations. When he asked what all the white paper was I told him tissue paper - and he says "Oh, I should throw it in the toilet", I said "No, not toilet paper, it's tissue paper." Alex - "Oh, for my boogers!!" He wads up a handful and brings it to his nose and immediately realizes it's a little rough for his tender little nose then smooths out the crinkles, sets it down and moves on to something else.
  • Having friends over for playgroup
  • Waking up this morning to find a light blanket of snow that fell during the night
  • God is Good!

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