Monday, November 30, 2009

A trip to the Station

A few days before Thanksgiving we had Andrea and the boys over to make some brownies, banana bread and cards to take to our local fire fighters to show our appreciation and thankfulness for all that they do to help keep us safe.

Adin and Alex had fun using all sorts of colors and stickers to make the cards and even helped make the banana bread. But the boys favorite part came when we got to the fire station to deliver the goodies!

A few of the firemen gave us a tour of the station and Adin, Alex and even Isaac were in awe! They've all seen fire trucks a dozen times before but this time they got to sit in the drivers seat, touch the controls (the firemen kept insisting that they could touch all they wanted to, they could do no harm, but the boys all were a little skeptical to get too close to the huge buttons), see where the firemen eat and sleep and they even got some firemen hats to take home!

Isaac isn't very fond of strangers holding him but he didn't mind the nice fireman!

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