Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Honey, you have to come see this!"

... and much to my dismay this is what I saw...
My dear husband took the boys for a walk while I was making dinner and about a half hour after they left he called me and told me that I just had to come see something. So, I set the dinner preparations aside (fortunately I hadn't started the cooking process yet) and met him and the boys where he told me they were. At first seeing Isaac drenched in rain water from the previous nights storm, I was horrified to think that Dustin had let him get all wet and dirty for nothing. Then I saw how much fun Isaac was having and I couldn't help but snap some pictures. He thought it was just the greatest thing in the world to be playing in the muddy water. Dustin had told Alex to stay dry since he had on his nice shoes, for that I am grateful for daddy's parenting skills! So, Alex was content to just sat back at cheer his brother on!

Despite the warm evening I had grabbed a sweater on my way out the door so as soon as he was done in the mud I took off Isaac's wet clothes and bundled him up!

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