Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alex and his racers

Alex has reached the age of race car toys! Anything that has to do with cars he's all over it. Several months ago he started his collection of race cars, race tracks and monster trucks. We recently got the GX Racers Super Jump from JAKKS Pacific and he found it to be a blast! As soon as he saw the box Alex tore it open and he and daddy got right to work building the GX Race Track.



The extreme car is designed with interchangeable gyros that race up to 600 scale mph to create awesome performance on the track!


He has his collection of Hot Wheels which I have to say is pretty impressive for a three year old! The good thing about it is that he must keep them all together, otherwise I know for a fact that they would be found all throughout the house! (I would have a picture of them all but Alex has them in bed with him :)

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