Friday, September 11, 2009

My baby turned ONE!

It is truly amazing that Isaac is already a year old! It seems that his first year has gone by so fast, much faster than I remember with Alex.

Isaac is full of life and our family is brighter with him, he certainly brings all of us an unspeakable amount of joy and happiness!

We had a party for him at the park. I was a little apprehensive having it outside since we never know what temperatures to expect around here in September. We could not have had better weather, it turned out to be a beautiful day with nice cool weather!

The day didn't start so well right off though. I arrived at the park early to set things up only to find all the picnic tables already in use. I kinda' had a melt down, all I could think about was all my efforts and planning quickly shatter to pieces. I called Dustin (he was still at home letting the birthday boy nap), he suggested setting up some tables on the grass so I quickly called mom to see if we could borrow her folding tables and chairs. Of course she ran to her attic and pulled them down form me. Then I called my brother Jake to see if he could pick them up for me, of course he rushed out the door to come to my rescue! I certainly had a ton of help from all my family pulling together for me and our birthday boy. Chris and Ray got there early to help me out, Andrea being 9 months pregnant still was running all over doing things to help. I certainly am extremely grateful to you all! Thank you!

We had a blast celebrating our big boy turn One! Happy Birthday Isaac!

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take very many pictures, usually I'm snapping away capturing all the fun, but I took a few then completely forgot to continue, hopefully someone else took some and I can get them from them!?!

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