Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is Good

  • Isaac took his first few steps last week and yesterday took five in a row! He's growing up oh so fast.
  • Today we were two streets from my grandmas house on our way home from running errands and Alex recognized the streets and asked to go see grandma! It's amazing how much he pays attention to where we are. Because a visit with grandma sounded so delightful we spontaneously popped in to say hi. She was surprised and thrilled to see us!!
  • Saving money with coupons. I saved over $13 at Target (a "free" package of diaper wipes was huge!)
  • Having dinner out with most (we missed Nicholas) of the siblings and their families, it was a joyful time
  • Having full conversations with Alex, he has a very extensive vocabulary these days, he's so entertaining and brings us so much joy and laughter
  • God is GOOD!

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