Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our house in Hawaii for the week!

Part Two:

Once we arrived in Hawaii we did some driving through the city traffic then hit the beautiful country! As we drove further and further away from the city we were so relieved that the house we rented was on the north shore , far from the traffic and busyness! Dustin and I both enjoy the city but not if we have to sit in the traffic and take precious time away from the little time we have on vacation.

Once we arrived at our house we instantly concluded that we could move here in an instant (okay, we'd move ONLY if our entire family and friends could move too!) The nine of us were all so excited to be living here for a week!

I quickly grew fond of waking up every morning to this breathtaking view from our bedroom window!Fortunately our bedroom even had a huge closet so that we could put Isaac's crib in there to sleep, he felt right at home!

There were so many windows and doors that we couldn't help but have them open all the time to feel and smell the fresh sea breeze! Here's Grandma one morning.
The little guys all loved the many porches. They spent many hours just stomping around! Beautiful kitchen but I have to say that it was a bit too big for me, or maybe things just weren't situated properly, it felt like I was all the place in there getting lost.

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