Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Horsey, don't bite me!!"

Part four:

Okay, so you remember when I said that we couldn't go to the beach as much as we had hoped? Well, we had an incident that prohibited us from doing so.

We had just spent the day at the Dole Plantation where we went through the maze, Dustin and Alex rode the train and we all ate a delicious lunch (my second favorite restaurant in Hawaii, we loved it so much we went back a few days later just for the food!)Alex picked out this shirt that had the Pineapple Express Train on it and wanted to put it on right then and there, he's into the trains!
We all decided it was time to head back to the house and rest before dinner. There was a little bit of afternoon traffic so Dustin and I decided to pull off into the town of Hale'iwa and do something fun rather than sit in the boring traffic. Dustin and Alex rented a kayak while Isaac and I did some shopping, so much more fun than sitting in traffic!
On our way back about a mile from the house we stopped off the highway to see these beautiful horses grazing in the fields. Dustin and Alex jumped out to pet them while I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures from the car.
This next shot is the infamous incident taking place as I was taking it (unbeknown to me at the time of course). Dustin was handing Alex a bunch of weeds to feed the horses and before I knew it he was screaming and they both ran to the car.

Alex's thumb had been bit and he was bleeding like crazy! The rest of the evening he, Dustin and grandma spent hours in the emergency room. Fortunately all he needed was a tetanus shot, antibiotics and a well bandaged thumb. For the rest of the trip he wasn't able to get it wet at all, no swimming in the pool at the house, no more playing in the ocean, no more waves and no more sand. Alex was a trooper though and didn't let it put a damper on the rest of our vacation. Praise God he still has his thumb! We didn't notice at the time but there are actually signs up that say not to feed or pet the horses because they could bite, I guess we should be a little more observant. Anytime we see horses whether it be real, a picture, toy or whatever, Alex will say as if the horse can understand him, "horsey, don't bite me!!!"

We continued to have a great time even though we couldn't bring Alex in the water after his bite. I will end my Hawaii recap with some pictures from the rest of our trip.

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