Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun on O'ahu

Part three:

We certainly had a blast doing all the things we could cram into one week. I'm sharing lots of pictures!

Our favorite was going to the beach, of course who wouldn't love soaking up the sun in Hawaii? Alex loved chasing the waves, building sand castles, tasting the saltwater and just hanging out. Unfortunately we didn't go to the beach as much as we had hoped to, more on that later.

There was a playground in the Honolulu Zoo and Alex fell in love with the alligator, it was so much fun watching his imagination running wild pretending that the alligator was taking him on a ride through the swamps!

Here's me and Issac coming out of the worlds largest maze according to the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records. We thought it would be fun to split up into teams and see who made it through the quickest after finding the eight secret stations and covering the 2.46 miles of pathway. It was one amazing adventure that we went on, rain showers and all it's glory! Thank goodness I was on Adrienne's team, if it wasn't for her navigating I just might still be looking for a way out!

On our way to the Waikiki Aquarium we found this amazing tree with branches that hung low and were strong enough for us to swing on, so much fun! Yes, just in case you're wondering, I swung and yelled pretending to be Tarzan!
At the aquarium one of our favorite attraction was this gigantic window that you could sit in and it truly felt as though we could touch the sharks and other fish!

My absolute favorite restaurant in all of Hawaii was Cheeseburger in Paradise, it was awesome! The boys and their Grandma

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