Friday, August 21, 2009

A big day and a half of traveling!

Last month we went on a wonderful family vacation to Hawaii! I have decided to share our trip in a few parts!

Part one:

Our flight to O'ahu was departing early Tuesday morning so we took a 2.5 hour drive to San Jose the previous day and stayed in a hotel in order to be close to the airport. It was a pretty small hotel room but we all managed to get a few hours of sleep, I was a little too excited to sleep anyways.

At 5:30am Wednesday morning we got our wake up call, and so began a full day of travel!

We took a shuttle to the airport and at first Alex was not happy. Dustin was loading our luggage in the back and he must have thought Daddy was staying behind, he just couldn't bear the thought of going anywhere without his number one daddy! Once he was assured that all of us were in there together he was fine.

Isaac, on the other hand, was one happy little guy!

We arrived at the airport almost three hours before our flight. We checked in our luggage, made it through security, grabbed some breakfast, then made our way to our gate. We weren't headed to O'ahu alone. Grandma Zorn, Jeremy, Adrienne, Elliott and Emmett all met us there at the gate. We were all excited and looking forward to be spending a great week together!

It was our first experience flying with the boys and it turned out to be much better than we could ever have hoped! Over 5 hours of confinement and they both were great! However, as we were all getting onto the plane Alex was pretty nervous and started freaking out and I remember thinking "oh great, this is going to be a looooong flight!" But, as soon as we started taxing down the runway he was thrilled to be flying in an airplane (a blue one according to Alex, it took us awhile to figure out that he was calling it the blue airplane because of the blue Hawaiian Airline seats!).

After some musical chairs we were all able to sit together (thanks grandma and Adrienne for trading seats with me and Alex!).Both boys were easily entertained ~ looking through books, coloring and doing activity sticker books. Isaac even took a good two hour nap. Right before our descent Alex and Dustin both took a little cat nap as well.

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