Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 of our highlights this month

My babies just kickin' it, they surely do love each other!

Alex reloading at John's Incredible Pizza

We took the boys a few months ago to ride the train at the local zoo and Alex didn't want to ride it, so I sat with him while Dustin took Isaac. But as you can see Alex was pretty upset that they went on it anyways (he freaked out as though he was thinking they weren't coming back). He now loves the train and we go about once a week!

Mr. Smiley man

Alex is no longer taking his daily nap but this day he was apparently very tired and here he is sleeping on the living room floor

We went to watch Grandpa Ed get honored with the Hiram Award, Congratulations! Here he is with Dustin, Alex and Isaac

We've been to feed the ducks several times and discovered that Alex loves to eat the bread just as much as the ducks and geese

My two handsome boys refusing to smile which is a very rare thing

Cruising the train table

All the grandkids picked these beautiful, yummy and delicious strawberries from Mimi and Toppys garden. Adin and Alex ate most of the ones they picked :-) Josh did a great job washing them all

Mothers Day lunch at our house!
Great Grandma, me, Grandma, Isaac and Adrienne

Hanging by the pool with our playgroup (just in case you were wondering, yes, Isaac has "man-boobs"!)

My blue-eyed baby crawling around

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  1. Adorable! I laughed out loud with the man-boobs comment. :) He does not!


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