Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having no laptop is a bittersweet thing!

Over two weeks ago I was on my laptop computer and all of a sudden it completely shut down on me with absolutely no warning. At first I thought maybe the battery died but usually it gives me a count down as to how much longer I have before it just dies, so I ruled that out.

Since I bought my laptop from Costco I immediately called them. They transferred me to concierge services/technical support. Despite the fact that my computer was dead, it really was a great experience dealing with them. They ran me through a few tests with step by step instructions and we still couldn't get the thing working. So the tech got us on a three way to Gateway and I was told that it's probably the motherboard and I need to send it in for repair.

The greatest news is that it's still under warranty! Costco told me that they would be calling me to follow up and check the status with the repairs that Gateway would be doing. I will never hesitate buying electronics from Costco for they have once again impressed me with their customer service!

Before I sent in the laptop I needed to backup my hard drive just in case it was lost in the process of all the repairs. I just couldn't bare the thought of the possibility of losing my precious pictures that were not yet saved to a CD. I called around to get the best price for copying my hard drive and the least expensive was $69. I couldn't believe it was going to cost me that much. I got the instructions from the Internet on how to copy it myself and then called my parents to see if they could help me to do it. Of course they came to my rescue and got it done for me! Thank you so much, you saved me a small fortune!

So, Gateway should be getting my laptop tomorrow and hopefully they can get it fixed so I don't have to be without my computer for very much longer. I've missed updating my blog, reading my favorite blogs, and all the other little forms of staying connected with my friends. I do have to say though that I have been getting little projects done around the house that I now have time for and also I've been using the telephone a lot more! That has been the best part of having no computer!

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  1. oh, i don't know what i would do if this happened to me... i would be freaking out for sure. the biggest reason being the fact that i have not saved, or printed, any of my pictures in over two years! yikes!!

    glad you're getting it all fixed and were able to save your pictures. :)


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