Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We'll see if my thumb is green or brown!

This week at our MOPS get together we had a guest speaker come and share about gardening.
She even helped us plant a little herb garden in a pot complete with sage, thyme, cilantro, and basil.

I've never had a garden of my own. Growing up my parents planted one almost every year and we would lend our hand at helping out ~ planting, weeding, watering and harvesting but it was always a chore and to be honest I never really enjoyed it. My mom loves to garden, in fact she has a post that she recently wrote about it and you can see it by clicking here.
At the class the lady was so educated and really knew her stuff about gardening! She shared five things with us that are crucial in having a successful garden.
  1. Only plant what you like
  2. Provide them (the plants) with a place to grow
  3. Think like the plants. Make sure they have water to drink, good sunlight, feed them well (they too need nutrition)
  4. Sing to your plants - get close to them
  5. Enjoy them - harvest them
To the avid gardener these are really basic and obvious pointers and you might think them silly to even think about but they really hit a soft spot for me. None of these things ever occurred to me before, other then the obvious of course, it was always plant, water, and pick and that was all there was to it. After she shared I left there completely inspired and encouraged to plant a garden of my very own. I think the first thing I will attempted will be strawberries. We don't have a yard, we live in a condo with a little porch so there's not a lot of room to plant a ton of things. There is a little plot of dirt, it will be just big enough for some strawberries, and all of us love strawberries so I think that is a good place to start ~ in addition to my little herb garden in a pot.
I'm excited pull out the spade, get my hands dirty and sing to my plants!

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  1. Gardening is fun. Strawberries are good, but you tend to get one berry at a time and they come in slow. I only planted them one year cause I wanted a bunch and they annoyed me cause there were so few and it took so long. LOL


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