Friday, March 20, 2009

An interruption to our time in the snow.

This past weekend we made our way to Tahoe City to have a fun-filled day in the snow. We met up with some of Dustin's family (mom, Grandma, brother and his family) for lunch then headed to the snow park.

Dustin and Alex made their way up the steep hill with their sled in tow. I captured a shot of their first and last trip down the hill for that day...

They made it down and Alex was shaking like crazy! This wasn't like him at all, normally he would be thrilled to be speeding down the hill with his best friend - daddy! I grabbed him and he was burning up! Dustin rushed him up to the lodge while I stayed with Isaac. Isaac was pretty content ridding around in the snow with Nana and grandma.

Of course knowing that my baby Alex was miserable I wasn't able to hide my sadness so Dustin's mom went to check things out. She came right back saying that he should go to see a doctor. So off to Urgent care we all went. He had a fever of 104.2 degrees! My poor baby was just miserable. We left the Dr's with some Tylenol and Motrin in his system, the fever under 101 and the doctors diagnosis ~ a winter virus. I know that the only way I found peace was through Jesus! I had to release all of my fears over to Him knowing that my baby was at risk with a fever that high! I thank Him that Alex is okay.

So, after a quick lunch with the family, less than 10 minutes in the snow and about a 30 minute trip to urgent care we headed for home. Fortunately we were only 2 hours away. Alex got some much needed rest over the last few days and is now feeling a lot better!

We are looking forward to going back to the snow when Alex can enjoy himself and I can go down that hill, it looked like a ton of fun!!

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