Friday, February 6, 2009

What is Good

  • Having the freedom to take my laptop anywhere in the house due to wireless internet
  • Sunny days sitting on the front porch eating a popsicle with Alex
  • A master closet large enough to set up our baby crib making it a lovely room for Isaac
  • Alex's face two inches from mine in the mornings. He has learned that once he is awake he can climb out of his crib and come get us. Great way to be awakened, it makes my day!
  • That Alex can recognize several colors and calls them all out all day long in everything he see ~ on walks, in books, on his toys, things in the house, I'm always hearing colors!
  • God is Good!


  1. Don't you just love having a little room set up in that massive closet?!

    Oh, and the laptop thing... ugh!

  2. Hey there! I LURVE me some big closet and popscicles:) Umm, I spelt that wrong eh? LOL

    I'm working on the last one, thanks to your sis but I'm beginning to think so too;)



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