Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I love about my husband!

In honor of my amazing hubby I decided to kick off my Thursday Thirteen meme to be just about him!! So without further adieu here are 13 things I love and appreciate about Dustin!
  1. He loves the Lord, me and the boys (in that order)
  2. He is an amazing dad and loves to play with the boys, he never gets tired of them
  3. He spoils me working from home
  4. Each Saturday morning he volunteers at his old church as a referee for 4 & 5 year old kids basketball camp
  5. He does some of our grocery shopping, all on his own, he's even the one to make the list
  6. He has never complained about our house being messy, and sometimes it's pretty bad
  7. He doesn't mind having cereal and toast for dinner, in fact it's what we have at least once a week
  8. He makes me laugh
  9. He will take the boys anywhere with him giving me a break
  10. He is very active, physically fit, smart and extremely handsome
  11. He opens the door for me no matter how full he is already with bags and/or babies
  12. Whenever we're around other kids they all flock to him and want to play with him (he loves it and is really just a big kid himself)
  13. He is extremely focused and motivated working from home and is a wonderful provider and protector for our family.


  1. my kids and i can certainly tell you that #12 is true! they love playing with uncle dustin. :)


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