Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Amazing places I've been

This has been somewhat of a challenge for me to choose my top 13 favorite places I've visited. I started traveling quite a bit when I was younger. I was a nanny to three kids for several years and was able to visit some great places all over the States and even a few cruises to Mexico. Granted, taking care of three children while traveling was a ton of work but totally worth the experiences. In addition to my trips as a nanny I have been to some really incredible places, in no particular order here are 13 of them...

  1. Catalina Island ~ Dustin and I spent a few days here. It was a business trip but we still had a delightful time.
  2. Maui ~ was my first trip to the Islands. My sister Christine and I were able to go with our best friend (yes, we shared a best friend!) and her parents for graduation! We enjoyed the beautiful beaches, sunsets, sunrises and fresh daily pineapple! Oahu ~ My brother Jacob and I visited our cousin at school. It was so much fun having Des show us all the local spots on Oahu. We had a blast seeing all the "cool" places, monuments, eateries, shops and beaches on this beautiful island!
  3. Kauai ~ Dustin and I honeymooned for 8 amazing days. I think it is the most gorgeous of all the Hawaiian Islands. So many movies have been filmed here and the scenery is truly breathtaking!
  4. Hawaii, the Big Island ~ Dustin and I went with my sister, brother-in-law and their 5 kids, we had a ball with them. Very beautiful island but way to much lava rock and not alot of sandy beaches (which is what Hawaii should be all about, right!?)
  5. Cor d' Alene Idaho ~ my siblings and I went for a friends wedding and it's a place that I would love to visit again and spend a little more time site seeing.
  6. The San Juan Islands ~ a family vacation that my grandparents took us on and it was awesome! So much to see and explore. It was the last place we were able to go with my grandparents before grandpa passed away, very fond memories!
  7. San Diego ~ I've been here quite a few times and I will never get tired of vacationing there.
  8. Lake Tahoe ~ another place I've been to many times. It's so close in fact that we can just hop in the car and take a short trip up there. It is so beautiful during all the seasons, snow or sunshine you can find me and my family there having a blast!
  9. The Grand Canyon ~ Christine and I went with a family that is so dear to us about 13 years ago. It was a very long drive with tons of kids but totally worth it. One word - Spectacular!
  10. Mt. Rushmore ~ visited here during a family trip (we missed having Chris with us though). I have such fond memories of this vacation, it was the last one I took with my family before getting married. Thanks mom and dad for an amazing time, it's one vacation I will never forget!
  11. Yellowstone National Park ~ Amazing place. We went here during the family trip mentioned in #10. (We visited a few other states on this same road trip). Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of camping we camped here a few nights and I have to admit that it was truly spectacular! Long hikes along trails exploring God's awesome Creation!
  12. Salt Lake City ~ my sister Rachel and I went for the 2002 Winter Olympics along with a team of other young adults. It was cold (but then again it doesn't take much for me to be cold). The snow caped mountains were breath taking!
  13. San Francisco ~ we are known to spontaneously take day trips here frequently. There are some of our favorite restaurants, museums, and parks in the big city. Alex loves watching the seals that lounge on the docks!


  1. I've always wanted to go to The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but haven't so far. Someday!

  2. What an impressive list! Love that we took many of those trips together. :) Where are we going next?

  3. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon; great places all.

  4. Great list! I love to travel, too, and yet I've only been to 3 of places on your list (San Juan's close to us, Mt. Rushmore, and San Francisco).

    My Thursday 13 list is Random Books on my Shelf.

  5. Delightful! This give me an idea. I traveled a lot at a young age. A T13 would be a perfect place to talk about it. :-)

  6. You have been to some wonderful places. Next time you go somewhere please let me know, I count the grocery store as a mini vacation:)

  7. Great list....many places I would still like to visit myself!


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