Monday, February 16, 2009

Our fun-filled V-Day!

We spent Valentine's day with lot's of loved ones. We started preparing for the special day on Thursday. We had my sister-in-law and nephew (we even had my brother for a short while) over to make cards to bring to our local convalescent hospital. We spent a few hours making all sorts of fun valentines, cutting out hearts, gluing and we even broke out the glitter! That just turned into one big gooey mess though because it was taking forever to dry, but even still they turned out beautiful. We had a great time visiting and creating!
Then on Friday we got together with our playgroup friends and made some goodies and more cards. What great fellowship we had!

Saturday morning I spent with just the boys, Dustin was at basketball camp with a ton of 5 and 6 year old kiddos! I took Alex to get his favorite treat ~ Jamba Juice, he was super excited! Sometimes he freezes in front of the camera with very little expression...

We then met up with my brother, sister and nephew to deliver our Valentine's to the "other kids' grandparents". It was alot of fun to see everyone so excited to see the little ones and our cards. They were all so thrilled that they were actually handmade cards. One lady even asked my sister how much the card was and when she was told it was a gift she wasn't too sure about it and asked again what she had to give for it. It was really quite sad and made us realize that she (as well as everyone else there) really doesn't get any visitors much less a beautiful card wishing her a blessed, joyous day. After spreading some cheer to the folks there we went to visit our grandmother who lives right up the street. She wasn't expecting us but she was so thrilled to see us.

By this time we were getting pretty hungry so we met Dustin for lunch, he was finished just in time to join us as we satisfied our hungry bellies with some pizza!
After lunch we went to visit my mom, dad and sister. As always the boys were excited to see Mimi but sad that Toppy was working. Alex pulled auntie Rachel to the computer so that she could show him all sorts of pictures which is now his favorite thing to do with her.
We had one busy weekend and we are so thankful that there are so many wonderful people in our lives to spend such great time visiting with everyone. God has surely blessed us!


  1. such a sweet time spreading good cheer and lots of love. enjoyed the flowers, hugs, kisses and card!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Valentine's Day was great. Started out by having Louise over for a home cooked steak & lobster dinner. Didn't know she was alergic to lobster, but it didn't go to waste. It was a fun evening.
    Next night Ed & I went to the lodge for a sweethearts dinner with friends, wonderful and Sunday we went to Auburn for breakfast with the old car club. Talk about getting the most out of the holiday. But we were thinking that we will be gone for Mothers Day and Fathers Day on car tours this year, so how about if we host Easter. Let me know what you think and check with Adreinne and let me know. Love Elaine


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