Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"He's Just Not That Into You" Soundtrack Review and Giveaway!

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she said...

"Hey there! I so want to see this movie as a girl's night with everyone!!! Wouldn't that be fun? And maybe I'll be sporting a hoodie! (hee hee hee)"

Congratulations! I will be emailing you!

I recently got the movie soundtrack for He's Just Not That Into You.


One of the reasons I like movie soundstracks in general is the selection of music on one CD. I have to be honest with you and confess that I really don't listen to a lot of secular music and was pleasantly surprised with myself that I actually recognized a few of the artists on this soundtrack! It has a great variety of artists including R.E.M, Maroon 5, Scarlett Johansson and others. The first time I listened to it I just kinda skimmed through the songs but then later listened to the CD in it's entirety and really enjoyed it!

I have yet to see the movie He Just Not That Into You, listening to the soundtrack that was released at the beginning of this month got me all jazzed up to go see it. Hey, come to think of it I just may be planning a girls night in the very near future. Or, maybe I can convince my hubby to take me on a date! Either way I look forward to seeing it soon. But for the time being I suppose that I should be content with this fun, upbeat soundtrack!

Okay, so here's the good news! I have a copy of the soundtrack to the movie and a hoodie to giveaway to one of my lucky readers!


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  1. Well, I haven't seen the movie either, but sounds like a cozy thing to do these rainy days. Sit in some comfy clothes, listen to good music and date the one who IS into me!!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. My daughter will love the hoodie if I win (she's 16).

  3. That is a "Good" post to click on! I would love to enter the giveaway. I suspect the hoodie will be super snug-fitting. Grrrr....2000s fashion do not fit me! The CD sounds good.

  4. Hi Sara! I haven't seen the movie yet. Yes, I agree with you when it come to music. I find myself now listening to Christian radio all the time. Chad downloads my iPod, so I have a lot of U2 on it! Hugs, Romy

  5. ya I have never seen the movie but my hubby is into writting songs for soundtracks so If I do recieve it he will definaltely enjoy listing to it and getting some Ideas! thanks!
    Brooke wells

  6. Hey there! I so want to see this movie as a girl's night with everyone!!! Wouldn't that be fun? And maybe I'll be sporting a hoodie! (hee hee hee)

  7. I haven't seen this movie yet either, but hope to soon! Glad to hear you liked the soundtrack. =)

  8. Hi Sara! What a wonderful blog you have! I absolutely LOVE the name you picked for it!!! Great job, and fun giveaway too :)

  9. I saw the movie.. it was good. Not a favorite but I did enjoy it overall. :-) the sound track was great though..

  10. I loved the movie! Thought it was great. And you're right the music was great. My email address is Thanks for the giveaway!


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