Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random things about Me!

1. I am a born again, Bible believing Christian and I strive to please Jesus in everything I do. I thank Him every day for all my blessings and for giving me Eternal Life!

2. I have more energy in a clean house not to mention that I think better too when it's clean.

3. I like leftover pizza cold.

4. I have a hard time telling people no, for some reason I feel like I would be letting them down and that makes me sad.

5. I hate to be late and try everything in my power to be on time, I would say that we're pretty good at this one 'cause Dustin is the same way!

6. I get so excited to find a bargain, I hardly ever pay full price for anything while shopping (aside from groceries, it seems as though milk and eggs are never on sale).

7. I get all tense and nervous just thinking about speaking in public.

8. I was in labor with Alex for 23 hours and Isaac for 16 - both so intense! I have had an abscess tooth twice and one resulted in an extraction. With that said I would choose another labor over an abscess.

9. For some reason I have really weird dreams, I could probably write a book except for the fact that I forget them two days later.

10. I find something therapeutic about doing laundry, I rarely find it to be a chore. I hate to leave dirty dishes in the sink, I hardly ever go to bed before there done but that doesn't mean I enjoy doing them.

11. I knew at a very early age that I wanted to be a wife and mommy when I grew up, that has always been my desire and I feel so blessed that I am living my life long dream!

12. I like to organize things - anything, I love the sense of accomplishment and the end results are amazing.

13. No matter how hectic my life can get I am never too busy for a friend or family member.

14. One of my daily prayers is that our children will grow up to know and love the Lord and embrace Him as their own.

15. I was homeschooled through my entire 13 years of education. Mom was the kind of teacher that didn't just give us assignments and let us fend for ourselves, she taught us, stood beside a huge chalk board and all. Because of my mom, and the convictions and beliefs I have come to embrace as my own, I am going to homeschool our children.

16. I really dislike the taste of chocolate, fresh tomatoes, coffee and wine.

17. I hate going to bed unless it's made.

18. I enjoy watching corny high school movies - i.e. Princess Diaries, High School Musical, A Cinderella Story, Never Been Kissed, you get the idea.

19. I hate my feet. I hate clutter around my house. I hate dust. I hate headaches.

20. My husband is and will always be my best friend.

21. About 8 years ago at one of my jobs I was responsible for turning off the office phones every day at 5pm then I was off. Well, it was a dark and stormy afternoon and I turned the phones off as normal wrapping things up for the day. I told everyone I was leaving and I'd see them bright and early tomorrow. Someone else followed my lead and left right behind me. So, I get home and my dad says that it's great that I'm home early. Wait, what? It was only 4:15! Apparently I don't know how to tell time 'cause I left an hour early! I even had the rest of the office convinced that it was 5 o'clock. Note to self: Don't ever think it's after 5pm just because it's dark out! Sorry Tri-Sig.

22. I really enjoy watching the Food Network channel, but I forget all the recipes and we always end up eat the same things over and over.

23. I have only heard this song once in my life (not sure if it's really how it even goes) but it instantly became our family favorite while living in a single wide mobile home with 7 of us.. it goes something like this "Love grows best in little houses with few walls to separate, where we eat and sleep so close together can't help but communicate. If we had more room between us think of all we'd miss, love grows best in little houses just like this!" So ture! It's still my favorite being in a small place now with my growing family!

24. I love the memories I have of my childhood.

25. I love my life, every little thing about it!

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  1. You need to keep a journal by your bed, so you can write those dreams down BEFORE you forget them!


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