Monday, January 19, 2009

A small conversation with Alex

It's incredible to me how quickly children learn and how much they actually absorb at such an early age! Alex just turned two and his vocabulary blows me away. Dustin and I both get such a kick out of the fact that we are actually carrying on conversations with Alex, even if it may not be all that intellectual, it's pretty smart for a kid to really understand what you're saying and knows how to respond.

An example of a conversation I have with him:
Me - "So, Alex what do you want to do today?"
Alex - "Mimi's house."
Me - "Mimi's not home today."
Alex - "Yeah. Toppy?"
Me - "Toppy's not home either."
Alex - "Umm, Toys R Us"
Me - "Oh, okay."
Alex - "O tay. Choo Choo shoes, O tay? Bye, Bye, O tay?"

Oh, it's so much fun! I knew that being a mommy was going to be fun, but I never imagined that I would find such joy in the little conversations that I have with my two year old! Every day Dustin and I get up and really look forward to whatever the day brings, because just knowing that we have each other and two boys to share the day with is truly a blessing!

This post just wouldn't be complete without a picture, so here's Alex giving Elmo kisses!

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  1. TOOOO cute! I am currently being paged by my nephew Andrew. He is very communicative. Answers and listens very well. Just turned two. I am SOOOO impressed. Last night he articulated 'Bye-Bye' for the first time, and now he WILL NOT stop! Too funny.

    I had better go. I am not following orders! My presence is demanded on the couch!

    Sharon Von


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