Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Christmas recaptured

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted anything. We have had a very busy fun-filled few weeks.
We celebrated Christmas a little early with my side of the family. My mom really wanted to be able to have Christmas with the family for a whole day. So, we broke tradition and all gathered together the Saturday before Christmas, I am so glad that we did, I had a wonderful time spending the entire day with the family! Rachel even had a new game for us to play and it brought us all much laughter!
Of course Isaac had no idea what was going on for his very first Christmas but I know that he really enjoyed being held constantly!

Here are all the grandkids with Mimi & Poppy
(I'm sorry that we can only see the top of Adin's head)

Mimi & Poppy gave the 7 oldest grandkids a tent complete with a sleeping
bag and a backpack to have summer camp-outs at their place.
All the kids were so excited and wanted to set up their tent right away but there was only enough room for two. Here is Julia and the only pink tent in the bunch!

The following day we had Christmas at Dustin's dad's house with some of his family. I am sorry to say that I forgot my camera for the this one but we had a delightful time none the less with lot's of great food, and a wonderful time visiting.

Christmas Eve we went to church and sang Christmas worship and heard about the miraculous Christmas story about our King - He was sent for us and He is the best gift imaginable. Then we headed to my dad's brothers house and saw some family and had a great time catching up with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Here is Alex, me, my mom with Isaac and my grandma (dad's mom)

Christmas morning the fun began at home just the four of us. We enjoyed a quiet morning with breakfast in the living room watching the boys giggle and play on the floor together. Alex really can't wait for his little brother to be mobile so he has someone to run around with, but he enjoyed making Isaac laugh. We then went to Dustin's brother's house and had a great time with everyone there. We had a grand feast for lunch then came present time and let me tell ya' that was chaotic with four little boys three years old and under, but it was definitely a blast! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing games and just hanging out.

Here you will see the very competitive brothers battling
it out over a game of Pizza Box Football.

So, you would think that we would head home after a long day of fun but we just had to go see more family, I can never see enough of them! We went to my aunt and uncles house to do some more visiting. We were able to spend a few more hours celebrating with family before heading home!

Well, this picture was taken a few hours before we got there but
I just had to add it so that you can see my beautifully large family
(there are actually 10 of us missing - an aunt, a cousin who is in the
U.S Air Force overseas fighting for us, Thank you James! another aunt,
my brother, his wife and son and the four of us)!

We had an amazing Christmas celebrating the birth of our Saviour, Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas celebration it was! It was grand seeing just about everyone this holiday season, wasn't it?! Great pictures.


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