Monday, December 15, 2008

Tiny tidbits

Over the last few months both Dustin and I have been amazed at how our little Alex is growing up. It is so intriguing to us how he absorbs everything! It seems like he is learning every minute of the day and it certainly keeps us entertained! We like to think that he is the most intelligent two year old in the world but we both know that most kids are just as smart at this age. So with that please bare with me as I dedicate this post to boasting about how intelligent Alex is!

Dustin was playing with Isaac and grabbed a toy bear to dangle in his face. He says "look at the monkey" (not really thinking about it) and Alex comes up to his face and says "no, bear!" Yep, your right dude!

Alex pinched his finger while playing with his toys and starts whining and I brushed it off and told him that he pinched it that is why it hurts, so he goes to Isaac and sticks his finger out to him and says "look Isaac, owie finger!" It made me laugh, I can't believe that he is already speaking in sentences.

Last week I was getting the boys ready for the day and I said to Alex "Alex, do you want to come and let me do your hair?" and his answer was "no". I kinda looked at him like how could you say no to mommy? and said "what?" he then says, "no MOM!" it was just so cute, and both Dustin and I started laughing cause he knew that I was asking rather than telling him, it taught me to make sure that if I really want him to do something I can't say "want" anywhere in my sentence.

If we ask Alex what A-P-P-L-E spells he yells "APPLE!"

it is also very amusing, he brings us so much joy and laughter our lives are so much richer!!

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