Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby riding close to mommy!

When our first son was born I used our Snuggli carrier and really enjoyed being able to have my hands free. An added bonus was that he was so happy to be so close to me. However, after he was a few months old I wasn't able to continue using it, due to the fact that my lower back would always hurt, as well as my neck because of all the strain put there. I got a Baby Bjorn and found the same problem; if it wasn't immediate pain I would wake up the next morning feeling the effects. The carriers just didn't cut it for me.

My sister, Christine, told me about the Moby D, and even let me borrow hers to see if I liked it. I used it that same day and I loved it! I was able to go shopping, with my son wrapped close to me, for hours without feeling one bit of strain on my back or neck. To be honest, I could hardly tell he was there. Even the next day there were no signs of pain. I just had to get one of the stylish wraps for myself. I am hooked on it now. Alex even loves to go riding close to mommy,when I go grocery shopping I wrap him up, facing out, and he feels like he is on his own... He even puts his hands on the shopping cart and thinks he's the king of the world!

If you have yet to find the perfect way to wear your baby, you should really get yourself a Moby wrap - You and your little one will love it!

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