Friday, November 21, 2008

Alex misses his cousins...

Alex absolutely loves to see his cousins, any of the nine of them. He knows all of their names and knows who is who but he mostly says that he wants to see Zach, we haven't really figured out if Zach is his favorite or if he simply says Zach and really means cousin, any one.
Every day he asks to see them. If we go somewhere he asks if we are going to see Zach, if the phone rings he thinks it's either Zach or Mimi, if he learns something new he asks if he can show Zach, if they all pull up he says Zach, it's quite hilarious, maybe it's just a mouth full for him to go through all of their names and starts and stops with Zach, who knows? He has so much fun whenever he's with them.
Well, this week he has been able to see some of them almost every day and woke up this morning anticipating a visit with them and was quite disappointed that he won't be able to see them at all today.

Here are some of them goofing around after a visit
with Great Grandma and Mimi

Here Alex wanted to show them some of the
Thomas the Tank video's daddy found online to watch

Julia, Zach and Ethan spent the night and they all got to stay up
and watch a movie and have popcorn and chocolate milk.
Alex would never have lasted more than five minutes watching a movie
but of course sat and watched the whole thing since his big
cousins were with him.

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  1. awww! You know they say, it's better to be friends before you marry! That way you know the person well and probably won't get into as many fights. You have a very nice family!


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