Thursday, October 23, 2008

Precious baby

My good friend Sandy took some pictures of Isaac for us not too long ago and I wanted to put a slide show on my blog of all of my favorite pictures but I can't figure out how to do it, actually I spent hours creating a slide show and then got an error message when I tried to post it so I finally decided to wait until I can get some help! So, until then I'm just going to share a few of the pictures that I like the best (it was very hard to choose just a few, I really like them all!).

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  1. Your sister sent me over here from Twitter. Your kiddos are absolutely adorable! I wish mine were still little bitties.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous. What a great family!

  3. Your boys are beautiful! Welcome to the blogging world! Stop on in sometime!

  4. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  5. Those pictures are precious Sara. I love th one of Isaac with his eyes open and of you kissing him. So sweet.

  6. So glad I stopped by at your sister's recommendation!

    I absolutely love meeting new friends, I adore babies and I enjoy reading personal blogs!

    I've hit the jackpot!

    The picture of you and your son is my favorite! But the one of your boys is a close second!

    Can't wait to see your slideshow.

    Have you tried Smilebox? I believe it is supposed to be good. :) I've never tried it, but you can let me know, right?!!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    Have you joined twitter yet? Please do & add me as a friend!

  7. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for thinking of us with all this great info and wonderful pictures.
    This is a great way to stay up on what everyone is doing, since our lives get so crazy.
    I'll check it out and see if I can start one for us. Maybe by posting things early we can even connect on a few. We spent Halloween at the Shriners hospital taking pictures of the kids in their costums. The kids are so great and so gratful for any little attention to make them smile. It way very heartwarming.
    Love and kisses
    Grandma & Grandpa Rose

  8. These are beautiful pics. Your family is so pretty!

    Your sis loves you and is showing ya off!

  9. Your family is just as beautiful as your sisters! Your boys are adorable!

  10. What great photos! I love the close up of him, and the one of you holding him with a kiss~~ TOO CUTE!


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