Friday, October 31, 2008

"Giddy up horsey"

Last week for playgroup we all took a trip to Apple Hill. Our favorite place is High Hill Ranch. I love it up there, it is just so beautiful this time of year, all the leaves are turning and it's just amazing to admire God's creating!

Dustin took Alex on his first pony ride. At first Alex was a little apprehensive getting on by himself so Dustin walked along side of him and he just loved it! In fact, once all the cousins arrived up there Alex went again and brought Julia and Ben along with him!

Just a little unsure of it all.

Alex finally enjoying himself

We even celebrated a few birthdays.
Happy Birthday Lilly, Hannah, Zach, Ethan and Chris!

Mimi was even able to join us up there!

All the pretty girls!


  1. We had such a good time last week! I'm bummed now that we didn't get together today, but we'll see you tomorrow, right?

    Love you <3

  2. Beautiful pictures! My daughter (3) was so excited about pony rides at a farmstead until it came time to get on. She totally freaked and there was no convincing her to try it. Poor little thing.

    Your children are beautiful and I'm glad they had such a nice time.

  3. Welcome to the blogoshpere! :) Can't wait to read about your fun, or just plain, days! Lots of pictures please! :) See ya soon.


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